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Real Estate Agents in Luxembourg - Know your professional obligations

Your AML manual of procedures should contain all information that your agents, free-lancers and employees need to understand and apply in their daily business.

What is money laundering? What is terrorist financing?

To enable staff to properly identify elements which could be part of the intention or fact to launder dirty money and to finance terrorist organizations or actions, the manual must contain a precise definition (best, by providing the legal text as well) and provide examples or graphs.

This background is necessary to set up the foundation of what comes next. What are the real estate agent's professional obligations?

Due diligence. Internal organization. Cooperation with authorities.

We have set up a template procedures manual, which you are able to customize to your proper needs in 40 minutes time. It comes with instructions, and a 10 step-plan, indicating the places where your input is still needed to customize the manual.

Download this template HERE. We have English, French and German language versions available.

If you would like assistance to validate your manual of procedures you have issued, you may book an appointment with one of our experts.

Book an online appointment HERE.

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