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Welcome to AML4YOU

Our new website AML4YOU has gone live.

We aim it to be a self-service AML compliance shop, where you can purchase online (some for free) ALL what you need to be compliant with anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing regulations.

ALL means: AML manuel of procedures, client identification forms, beneficial owner statements, business risk and client risk assessment forms, legislation and many more.

And, sure, you can have personal assistance as well. May it be for the validation of your business risk assessment, for due diligence on a client or beneficial owner, for an AML audit, for compliance work to validate a client relationship ... And, yes, we may also act as an external AML compliance officer, for the number of hours a month you will determine.

We expect to make this website a global one, for many jurisdictions. But we start with Luxembourg, and the real estate agents profession. Next professionals we are targeting will be car and good dealers, followed by other non-financial institutions. And, at the end, again, sure, banks and financial institutions. And other countries (our neighbouring countries first: France, Germany, Belgium) will follow.

A last word: We want to be as practical as possible. Offer a product portfolio and a service which you can use directly or with a little customization. For example, the manual of procedures for Luxembourg real estate agents need 1 hour and 40 minutes of focussed work, and your manual is entirely set up and customized to the agency.

Try it out, and, above all, give us feedback.

If you want to work with us as a partner, do not hesitate to contact us.


Patrick Goergen

Product Owner

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