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Update 2024 of all AML/TF documents for Luxembourg Real Estate Agents are now available for download

We have put in our store, accessible in the Digital products tab on our website, all documents a real estate agent established or working in Luxembourg needs.

They have been updated as of 1 March 2024, according to the recent changes in legislation and instructions from regulatory authorities.

The most notable changes are in relation with the screening of clients / beneficial owners against international financial sanctions lists. We have added as well a statement form to be signed by the client / beneficial owner with regard to the source of the funds for the transaction and the source of his/her wealth.

SPECIAL: We have also now added a full set of compliance documents, specifically drafted for the needs of real estate developers. Take a look.

The following may be downloaded from the webstore (all in English, French and German versions):

  1. Complete manual of procedures (needs 1 hour and 45 minutes of customization from your side)

  2. Complete set of identification forms for clients and beneficial owners (free)

  3. Business risk assessment template

  4. Client risk assessment template

  5. PEP statement template

  6. Statement for the source of funds and the source of wealth

  7. Checklist for AML compliance work (free)

If you need assistance for setting up your compliance process, contact us HERE.

Patrick Goergen

Founder & CEO, AML4YOU

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