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Real estate agent - Luxembourg - Business risk assessment

Real estate agent - Luxembourg - Business risk assessment


This document is structured to assist in identifying risks based on the following factors: products, services and delivery channels, customers and business relationships, geographical locations and other relevant factors. It is also used to implement effective risk mitigation measures and monitor the potential money laundering and terrorist financing risks to which the broker may be exposed in the course of its business activities and relationships.


As part of this risk assessment, the broker identifies areas of its business that are likely to be used by criminals to conduct their money laundering or terrorist financing activities.


To promote an effective assessment of inherent risks, the assessment is divided into two parts:


1. assessment of risks in relation to the business ;

2. assessment of risks related to business relationships and customers.


The result of the analysis is the classification of the business risk into low / medium / high risk.


  • Info

    Type of product

    This digital product is a template for the risk assessment of the real estate agent's business in order to create, on this basis, the manual of procedures that real estate agents in Luxembourg must have at their disposal and that they can submit to the supervisory authorities. It is written in English.

    It allows for adaptation to the individual needs of the real estate agent.

    The template is entirely based on Luxembourg law. Agents working in countries other than Luxembourg must adapt it to the legal requirements of the respective jurisdiction.


    Terms of sale

    The template may only be used for internal use by an estate agent. It may not be passed on to third parties without the prior permission of the product owner. It may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes.

    Anyone who does not respect these conditions of sale will be subject to summons and/or legal proceedings leading to compensation for any loss or damage suffered or likely to be suffered by the product owner.



    Delivery of the template in a Word and a PDF file, transmitted by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the order.


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