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Developer - Luxembourg - Manual of procedures - AML/TF

Developer - Luxembourg - Manual of procedures - AML/TF




Version 4.0 (Special Real Estate Developers)


Summary. Glossary.

Introduction to Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.


Chap. 1. Due diligence obligations.


Chap. 2. Obligations of an adequate internal organisation.


Chap. 3. Obligations of cooperation with authorities.



1 - Business risk analysis (template)

2-3 - Client identification (form) (physical persons, legal entities, proxy holders).

4 - Beneficial owner statement (form)

5 - PEP statement (form)

6 - Statement regarding source of funds and source of wealth (form)

7 - Client risk matrix (template)

8 - Checklist (template)

9 - Law of 12 November 2004.

10 - Regulation of 1 February 2010.

11 - Law of 19 December 2020.

12 - Appointment decision of the Compliance Officer

  • Info

    Product Info


    Type of product

    This digital product is a template manual of procedures which real estate developers in Luxembourg must have and be able to present to supervisory authorities. Drafted in English language.

    It allows customization for the individual needs of the developer. It comes with precise instructions and a 11 step-plan which permits to have an entirely customized manual within 1 hour and 45 minutes of time.

    It comprises more than 80 pages of internal proceedings, and more than 180 pages of attachments (risk analysis templates, client identification forms, applicable laws).

    The template is entirely based on Luxembourg law. Developers working in other countries than Luxembourg need to adapt it to the legal requirements of that jurisdiction.


    Conditions of sale

    The template shall only be used for internal use by a real estate developer. It shall not be transmitted to any third persons without the prior authorisation of the product owner. It shall not be duplicated or used for commercial purposes.

    Anyone not respecting these conditions of sale shall be subject to requests and/or legal proceedings resulting in the payment of indemnity to compensate any loss or damage that has been or might be incurred by the product owner.



    Delivery of the template in a Word and a PDF file, transmitted by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the purchase order.



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