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Client Enhanced Due Diligence Report

Client Enhanced Due Diligence Report

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As part of your AML client risk assessment, you may want to be provided with an extensive Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report. Available 5 business days after the order date, the report focuses on the natural person (individual) or legal entity with whom you want to enter into (or continue) a business relationship.



The content of this report is derived from information found in the public domain, including company registers and media articles. Please note that where more than one name is given for an individual or entity, all versions of the name will been checked. If an individual is found to be known by aliases, or spelling variations of the name have been found, these too will be checked. 



1) Executive Summary, with a summary of results

2) Corporate information: identification, contact details, incorporation, company type, government licenses, shareholders, capital, branches, management, employees

3) Business: activities, products, services, customers, history

4) Financials

5) Adverse media check

6) Regulatory information

7) Red flag issues

8) Noteworthy issues

9) Government and political relations

10) Screening against restricted parties lists



Please specify at your order all information you already have for the particular person (name, address, phone, email).

Please provide us, as soon as we acknlowledge receipt of your order, with the client identification documentation you already have.




    Digital product, delivered in a PDF file format.

    Delivery: 5 business days after order.


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